Omid Mufeed

Omid Mufeed

The Chief Technology Officer at Navigatr, brings over a decade of experience in developing enterprise-scale cloud solutions. Based in Leeds, his leadership since Navigatr’s formation in 2019 has been crucial in establishing the platform as a frontrunner in digital badging and skills validation.

Omid completed his MSc in Software Engineering in 2013, further solidifying his expertise and passion for technology. A passionate advocate for technology’s potential to positively impact lives, Omid played a pivotal role in issuing the UK’s first digital badge, marking a significant advance in modern learning recognition. His expertise in identifying and validating a diverse range of skills through Open Badges has opened new pathways into employment and education.

Leading a team of developers in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Omid has been integral to developing the Navigatr solution from the ground up. His contributions to educational technology have garnered him two international BETT innovation awards and FAB innovation award.

In his role, Omid effectively utilises AI to precisely align Open Badges with employer needs and market trends. This technology not only facilitates badge creation but also connects individuals to relevant job opportunities.

Omid spearheads integration projects, including a partnership with the Open University that enables OU students to display their badges on their Navigatr profile. He has also established integration with the Lightcast skills taxonomy, ensuring badges are market-aligned and enabling the platform to show individuals job opportunities relevant to their earned badges.

His commitment to resolving complex technical challenges is evident in his work with City & Guilds, where he managed the integration of Open Badges across the organisation. This laid the groundwork for City and Guilds to scale up their enterprise, issuing half a million Digital Credentials. Omid is also actively engaged in innovative projects in cloud computing and machine learning.